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Imago Mundi Art


Papa's Hat Gives Hope


Please stay safe and healthy!

Many thanks to Imago Mundi in Italy for bringing our world together through the international language of art! 

Imago Mundi Art ‘When Home is the Globe’ is a virtual tour of artists studios around the world as they create during our 2020 worldwide pandemic. I am so grateful to be a part of this!

Always interested in art, Laura grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii. She studied art at Punahou School, Washington University, The American Institute for Foreign Study in Venice and Florence, Italy and Pilchuck Glass School. Trained as a figurative artist, Laura has grown to doing abstract work. She uses both the computer and traditional art methods which results in her unique art. She is known for her use of color, shape and form in mixed media. She has won many awards and is in private collections in Hawaii, Los Angeles, California, Chicago, Boston & cities across the mainland and Italy. Laura believes art and artists have a unique opportunity and responsibility to challenge, inspire and better our world. She is extremely grateful for the opportunity to create and share her art.