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Imago Mundi Art : When Home is the Globe

By May 17, 2020October 2nd, 2020No Comments

When Home is the Globe.  When the Globe is Home.                                                                                                                       

Imago Mundi Art currently digitally tours around the world visiting the community of artists in their studios during this 2020 worldwide Coronavirus pandemic as we artists create! I was deeply honored when I was recently selected to be part of this project.

I work in my home studio with sketchbooks, markers and digital computer art. My artwork is about joy with my Mo’o gecko characters, now practicing social distancing! My artwork is also about fighting for health, as art powerfully educates and inspires hope.

I was especially touched when Imago Mundi posted the story of my artistic grandfathers hat which I keep in my studio. Papa was born in 1900 during the scarlet fever epidemic, and as an infant the fever left him deaf. He learned to read lips and spoke his first word at 8 years old and was the first deaf person to graduate from Notre Dame University in 1922. Papa always touched and gave hope to everyone he met. And Papa always wore his hat. During this 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, Papa’s hat gives me hope.

Michelangelo is my hero. I studied art in Venice and Florence and fell in love with the art and people of Italy. My two favorite places in the world are Hawaii and Italy. This is Aloha Michelangelo.

Imago Mundi’s mission is to bridge the gap between countries through the international language of art. It is truly a privilege to part of this vision of Luciano Benetton, founder of Imago Mundi.

Mahalo, Grazie tanto, thank you to Jennifer Karch Verze, Barbara Liverotti and Luciano Benetton for your creative vision bringing our world together through art!

Aloha and stay safe!