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Fired Up

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The Fired Up series was created after a close friend died from sudden unexpected death from epilepsy (SUDEP).  The artworks depict the electrical storm of the seizure into the flatline with the dark silence afterwards.  My friend spent his adult life seeking to answer the challenge of epilepsy through learning, education, art and research.  Though we all may be told of the risk of SUDEP, none of us are really ready when someone we love passes.  Let’s light the candle of understanding.   

Ms. Mellow came to love art early in her life.  Her artistic studies took her from Punahou, Hawaii; Washington University, St. Louis; the American Institute for Foreign Study in Venice and Florence, Italy; and the Pilchuck Glass School, Washington.  Trained in classical art, Ms. Mellow has gravitated towards both the figurative and abstract.  She has also involved mixed media (computer and traditional) to create her unique styles of work.  Of her work it has been said, “Laura has the talent to translate nature and emotion into figurative and abstract elements that carry the same spirit.”  Her art has been exhibited in Hawaii, Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis, Boston and Italy.  She is one of a group of artists included in the Imago Mundi “Aloha Spirit Contemporary Artists from Hawaii” art collection of Luciano Benetton in Italy.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Ms. Mellow was invited to be one of the artists in Imago Mundi Art ‘When Home is the Globe’ a virtual exhibit based in Italy and traveling via Facebook & Instagram around the world, when the globe is home.  She is also in the Classic Gallery in Nepal’s International online art exhibition, ‘Beyond Pandemic- Art connects People’.

In her earlier years of life, Ms. Mellow faced the challenges of epilepsy.  She now uses her art to educate others about the reality of this condition, as seen in a promotional video (YouTube) for Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy, where she was one of the featured artists from 1:26 The Art of Epilepsy. 

In addition to art, Ms. Mellow is excited to have played a recurring role as Nalani Lukela on the hit show “Hawaii Five-0”.

I am extremely proud and humbled to be part of Hidden Truths Project’s and 1:26 The Art of Epilepsy. Hidden Truths has sought to expand the understanding and both the challenges and hopes of those who fight epilepsy.  It is truly a privilege to hang my work with such a talented and courageous group of artists.


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